Friday 22 October 2021

Fisher's Lane Keeps Calm - New LTN in Hanwell

A cyclist on Fisher's Lane

Earlier this month (6 October 2021) Ealing council removed seven low-traffic neighbourhoods and over 50km of traffic-calmed roads. Last night the council's scrutiny committee made a small step in a positive direction. It confirmed that Fisher's Lane in Chiswick will be permanently closed to motor vehicles (except buses), and that the council will re-install a small low traffic neighbourhood in Deans Road and Montague Road in Hanwell. This puts back a tiny part of LTN21which the council removed in May. 

Fisher's Lane

Fisher's Lane is part of a cycle route from Wormwood Scrubs to Chiswick. Since its closure last year, cycling on the road has increased by 200 percent.  Last night's decision is a victory for local residents and their campaign, Keep Fisher's Lane Calm. Some of the main beneficiaries will be local children who now have a much safer route to school and less pollution in the nearby playground. Local personality, television presenter, Jeremy Vine tweeted his support.

Ealing and Montague Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Video showing Montague Avenue on a bad day.

Deans Road and Montague Road have been rat-runs since the 1970s. Early attempts to reduce this with a width restriction and one-way streets did nothing to remove through traffic. The one-way streets probably made the situation worse. With no vehicles coming in the opposite direction, motorists often sped along them, reducing travel times, prompting Google Maps and Waze to funnel even more vehicles down the roads. A survey in 2017 found pollution levels exceeded World Health Organisation guidelines. A majority of residents supported the LTN.