Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Cyclist Killed in Southall

We are sad to announce that another cyclist has died in Ealing following a collision with a lorry. Darshan Singh Heer, an 86-year-old former teacher and poet, was hit with an HGV on South Road, Southall shortly before 9am on Thursday 9th November as he was on his way to exercise in a local park. An initial report said that he was walking his bicycle on the road, but a police spokesman later said that he was cycling. The lorry driver stopped at the scene and the police are investigating.

On the evening of Friday 10th November, around 25 people cycled from Ealing Town Hall to Southall to join local people, including Virendra Sharma MP, in a vigil for Darshan Singh Heer.

Over the past 3 years, HGVs have been involved in over 70% of cyclist deaths in London. London Cycling Campaign is calling for safer infrastructure on London's streets, and has led the calls for a redesign of lorry cabs so drivers have a clear view of the road ahead. For information on this and cycling around lorries visit

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Petition for a Safe Uxbridge Road

On Saturday 28 October, 250 people marched from Ealing Town Hall to West Ealing in memory of Claudia Manera, who was hit with a lorry at the Lido junction on 12 October, and died a week later. The march called for Ealing Council to make the Uxbridge Road safe for all road users. If you live in Ealing, please sign the petition calling for a review of safety along Uxbridge Road.

Video of the march

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Monday, October 30, 2017

A Moving Tribute to Claudia Manera

At the March for a Safe Uxbridge Road, on 28th October, Sidi Shaktu read out this touching tribute to Claudia Manera, from her father, Ugo Manera.

"Claudia was a little woman with so many interests that occupied her all her time. She did not tolerate injustice, violence, and abuse, for these reasons she joined the police, initially as a volunteer, to give her small contribution to the affirmation of legality. She loved studying, art and music; as an amateur she painted and learned to play guitar and violin. However, the priority interest had become sport, so much that pushed her to leave the Police and become a Personal Trainer to spread the practice of physical activity. She ran many marathons, including four times the London Marathon and that of Paris. She then started to have a very strong interest for cycling and participated in various triathlons and duathlons. She was very strict on her training and found the way to do it at any time of day, despite professional commitments. She had a manic care for her bicycles, she owned three in London and two in Turin.

She was convinced of the need to preserve the environment and for this she was a supporter of the use of bicycles for commuting. With this vehicle she traveled km and km every day to carry out her personal training activities, and this was unfortunately fatal to her.

This sad event has brought me back to London after many years and I have been able to see how many dangers run the cyclists in the narrow London streets which are clogged by too much traffic. I live in an Italian city: Turin, where car traffic is undoubtedly more undisciplined and less controlled than in London, but my impression is that in the English capital cyclists run far more risks than in Turin. Hence I support and join all the initiatives that make life safer for those who choose bicycles for commuting and sport activities purposes.

Claudia's father
Ugo Manera"

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Uxbridge Road March - Statement from London Cycling Campaign

At today's march, LCC Trustee James Heath read the following Statement from Terry Patterson, Chair of London Cycling Campaign:

"We are here to mourn  the loss of a member of our community, and to call for change - and action. Only a few days ago, Claudia Manera died here in Ealing. She was riding her bike on Uxbridge Rd, and a lorry collided with her. It is a terrible thing to lose someone in this way - a brutal and appallingly abrupt end to a life - and I want to pass on my heartfelt condolences to Claudia’s family, friends and colleagues. I speak for everyone at London Cycling Campaign to offer our deepest sympathy at this time.

Everyone who cycles cannot help but be affected by this tragedy, and we must now be looking with even greater concern at the absence of protected space on our roads.

It would be wrong to comment on the details of this case, but the general pattern is grimly familiar to activists across London. Yet again a cyclist is involved in a fatal collision with a lorry. Yet again calls by campaigners to make that collision site safe for active travel have been ignored or sidelined. Too many times we have been asked to speak at similar vigils across London over the years, when warning signs have been obvious and councils alerted to the danger- but no action has been taken.

Today we call afresh for Ealing Council to renew their commitment to active travel, and work with TfL to make this junction and this road safe for vulnerable road users. You may have already heard the figures that in the last five years 2 cyclists and 2 pedestrians have been killed on this stretch of road and 46 more have suffered serious injuries. In the dreadful but impartial language of cost:benefit transport policy, a death has a financial impact to society of approx £2 million.  Appallingly by the governments own data this means that £8 million in 5 years has already been wasted- along with those precious 4 lives -on just this stretch of road. We are paying a high price indeed.....

The Uxbridge Rd where Claudia died is a route already identified by TfL in its own analysis as one of the top 25 in London for development. London Cycling Campaign therefore calls on Will Norman, the Cycling and Walking Commissioner, to ensure that roads across London- including Uxbridge Rd - offer protected space for cycling in line with the Mayor’s promise to triple this protected space.  It is essential that the Mayor, as well as the boroughs, provide safe space for cycling on major roads and hence separate lorries from cyclists. We are working hard to hold them to account.  LCC won a commitment from the Mayor to make safer, Direct Vision lorries "the norm" on London's streets; we are holding him to account, as well as working directly with the industry, to help avoid tragedies like this.

I urge all those who live, work and study in Ealing to sign the petition and support this important campaign. I would like to thank all cyclists, pedestrians, drivers, runners, families, wheelchair users and community members for coming today to show your support. Let Claudia’s legacy be the activism you demonstrate today - enough is enough. No more deaths and serious injuries on Uxbridge Road.

Thank you."

Terry Patterson

London Cycling Campaign

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Protest March after Cyclist Killed in Ealing

On Thursday 19 October a female cyclist died of her injuries after being hit with a vehicle on the Uxbridge Road, near the junction with Northfields Avenue. In the last five years, two pedestrians and another cyclist have been killed on the Uxbridge Road in Ealing. In the same time over 300 people have been injured, 46 of them seriously. Campaign groups have called for significant improvements to the road for years, but more needs to be done.

On Saturday 28 October we will say enough is enough.

We will march along the Uxbridge Road to call on Transport for London and Ealing Council to take action to make the road safe for all. We will call on them to review the many dangerous junctions, and to create safe spaces for vulnerable road users. But we need your support. We need you to march with us. We need you to say that you don't want anyone else seriously injured injured on this road.
The march will start outside Ealing Town Hall at 10.30am on Saturday 28 October. Please aim to arrive for 10am. Protestors will march from the Town Hall to the Lido Junction near Dean Gardens on the Uxbridge Road. We want to encourage families with young children, wheelchair users, pedestrians, runners and cyclists to take part. After brief speeches, the event will finish at about 11.30am.

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