Friday, May 15, 2015

Campaigns - your vote

At a recent meeting we came up with a list of ways the local council could improve cycling in Ealing. To help us campaign for those issues you consider most important, please let us know what you think.                                                      

These are the campaign issues we'd like your views on:

Key routes across parks to be clearly signed as permissible for cyclists
Cycling is legal in Ealing parks, but can attract hostility from people who don't know this. Research shows that where shared use is signed as permissible, the presence of cyclists is more readily accepted.

Produce guidelines explaining the type of front garden bicycle storage that will be acceptable without requiring planning permission
At the moment you require planning permission to erect a bicycle shed in your front garden. Despite this hundreds of Ealing residents have installed bicycle sheds, or metal bike bunkers in their front gardens without planning permission. This leads to uncertainty, and in at least one case, the council has asked a resident to remove a shed. We would like the position clarified so home owners can install bicycle sheds without fear of prosecution.

Construct a circular quiet route for cyclists
Ealing has some great off-road and quiet routes for cyclists. We would like to see sections of them linked together to form a circular quiet route that families and leisure riders could enjoy. 

Extend 'no parking in cycle lane' regulations along Uxbridge Rd to 8pm / or convert to mandatory cycle lane
The Uxbridge Road is a key commuter route for Ealing cyclists. At the moment motor vehicles can park in the cycle lanes in Acton after 6.30pm. Our research shows that the cycling rush hour continues until 8pm, and we feel the cycle lanes should be kept open for these cyclists. A long-term aim is to convert these cycle lanes to mandatory lanes, so they are available to cyclists at all hours.

Ealing Council to formally adopt the new London Cycle Design Standards 2014 as the default borough standard when designing facilities that affect cyclists
Adopting the new Cycle Design Standards will prevent the installation of the poorly designed infrastructure we have seen in the past.

Remove non-sinusoidal speed humps from cycle routes shown on the London Cycle Guides and, where necessary, replace them with sinusoidal humps.
Sinusoidal humps, with their gentle initial slope, are smoother and easier for cyclists to ride over, but are just as effective at slowing down motor vehicles. 

At road closures replace barrier gates with a single foldable bollard.
Roads closed to motor vehicles are typically closed with a gate for emergency vehicles, and gaps on either side for cyclists to pass through. Often these gaps are partially blocked by motor vehicles. Replacing the gates with a single foldable bollard in the centre of the road will allow cyclists to pass through the gap on a straight line, maintaining a safe central position on the road.

At subways with pairs of barriers, remove at least one of the barriers to allow cyclists to pass without dismounting
In cycle-friendly Europe, barriers are rarely used. Where they are, a single barrier is sufficient to improve sight lines and prevent collisions.

Complete scheme design for a borough cycle route to link Ealing Broadway to the East-West Cycling Super Highway in Acton and secure funding to install it at the same time as the Cycling Super Highway
Our final scheme would provide a link to the Cycle Superhighway that is planned to run alongside the A40 from Acton into central London.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

London by Cycle

On Thursday 23 April, London Cycling Campaign is holding a pop-up cycle event at the Ealing campus of Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College. The London by Cycle event is free to students and staff, and will feature free coffee, advice from cycle mechanics, and bicycles you can try. It runs from 11am to 3pm.  More details here.

The LCC London by Cycle events aim to get more students enjoying the benefits of cycling, and are supported by the Big Lottery Fund and, in west London, delivered in partnership with WestTrans

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bicycle Repair Stations

Ealing Council has installed pumps and tool stands at seven locations around the borough. The tools include allen keys, screwdrivers, spanners and tyre levers. The pump fits both Schrader and Presta valves.
Bicycle Repair points in Ealing:                             

1.       Outside Ealing Village, w5 2EB
2.       Opposite no.77 The Vale, W3 7RG
3.       Near the paperback Café, 149 South Ealing Rd, W5 4QP
4.       Northfields Stations w5 4TW
5.       Opposite Greenford Station, 386 Oldfield Lane, UB6 8PU
6.       Near Lidl, 58-78 High-street, UB1 3DB
7.       Outside Ealing Town Hall W5 2BY

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Election Hustings

A very interesting debate tonight, 1st April, at our pre-election hustings. Each candidate pitched their views on cycling and wider transport matters for five minutes and then answered questions from the audience. Thanks to all the candidates for coming, and to Julian Bell who spoke on behalf of Rupa Huq who was running late. 
In the photo, from left to right:                                                   
James Symes, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Ealing Southall
Peter Florence, UKIP parliamentary candidate for Ealing Central and Acton
Jon Ball, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Ealing Central and Acton 
Dr Rupa Huq, Labour parliamentary candidate for Ealing Central and Acton
Julian Bell, Labour leader of Ealing council
Meena Hans, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Ealing North

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

McDonald's Rejected

Very good news. Ealing Council's planning committee voted tonight to reject the McDonald's Drive-Through restaurant. The refusal to grant planning permission was carried by 3 votes to 2. Eight committee members abstained.
Ealing Cycling Campaign opposed the application because the access road would have cut across the planned East-West Cycle Super Highway, posing a danger to cyclists. This decision is unusual in that eight weeks ago, the planning committee voted to approve the restaurant. However, it turns out that no planning consent exists until a consent form has been signed.  This gave council officers the opportunity to reconsidered the safety issue, and when they realised that TfL had given the Cycle Super Highway the go-ahead, they changed their recommendation.
A big thank you to Andrew Gilligan, the Mayor's Cycling Commissioner, who intervened at a crucial stage, to all of you who lobbied your councillors, and finally to Jonathan Notley and West Acton Residents' Association who turned out in force on the night to give their support.
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