Sunday, October 22, 2017

Protest March after Cyclist Killed in Ealing

On Thursday 19 October a female cyclist died of her injuries after being hit with a vehicle on the Uxbridge Road, near the junction with Northfields Avenue. In the last five years, two pedestrians and another cyclist have been killed on the Uxbridge Road in Ealing. In the same time over 300 people have been injured, 46 of them seriously. Campaign groups have called for significant improvements to the road for years, but more needs to be done.

On Saturday 28 October we will say enough is enough.

We will march along the Uxbridge Road to call on Transport for London and Ealing Council to take action to make the road safe for all. We will call on them to review the many dangerous junctions, and to create safe spaces for vulnerable road users. But we need your support. We need you to march with us. We need you to say that you don't want anyone else seriously injured injured on this road.
The march will start outside Ealing Town Hall at 10.30am on Saturday 28 October. Please aim to arrive for 10am. Protestors will march from the Town Hall to the Lido Junction near Dean Gardens on the Uxbridge Road. We want to encourage families with young children, wheelchair users, pedestrians, runners and cyclists to take part. After brief speeches, the event will finish at about 11.30am.

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New Quietway Route

On Friday 20th October, Steve Pound MP cut the ribbon on a new one-mile stretch of shared-use path alongside the East Ruislip Road. The path, which runs from Argyll Road to Clifton Road, is the first stage of Quietway 23, a  route that will eventually run from Ealing Broadway Station to Greenford.
The leader of Ealing Council, Julian Bell, and London's Walking and Cycling Commissioner, Will Norman were also at the opening, alongside students from Mayfield Primary School and Brentside High School. The new off-road path will make it safer to walk and cycle to Gurnell Leisure Centre.
Details and Video of the Route
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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Cyclist Killed on Uxbridge Road

A cyclist has died after being hit with a vehicle on the Uxbridge Road in Ealing.  On Thursday 12th October a 51-year-old woman cycling on the Uxbridge Road was hit with a lorry at the junction with Northfield Avenue and critically injured. The incident took place around 1.30pm. An air ambulance flew the victim to a hospital in east London. Sadly, the woman, who remains unnamed, died from her injuries on the evening of Thursday 19th October. Our thoughts and condolences go out to her family and friends.

Anyone who witnessed the collision or has any information should call the Police's Alperton Traffic Garage witness line on 0208 991 9555 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

New Meeting Place

CafĂ© Grove, our meeting place for many years has closed, so we are moving our meetings to the Library, Questors Theatre, 12 Mattock Lane, London W5 5BQ. The first meeting here will be our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 4 October at 7.30pm. Our meetings will remain at their usual time - 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of the month.

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Ealing Broadway Cycle Hub Saved...

The landmark cycle parking structure opposite Ealing Broadway station has been spared the axe thanks to a decision from the Planning Inspectorate released 3 August 2017. Ealing Council built the Cycle Hub on Haven Green in 2012, bringing order to a situation that at the time had bicycles chained to any available lamppost or bit of railing people could find. One section of the popular cycle parking structure sits on an area that had been designated as common land in 1968. Although the Friends of Haven Green originally worked to ensure the facility's attractive design fit the landscape when it was built, they later filed a court challenge to demand it be torn down. Ealing Council made two applications to try to save the Cycle Hub: one asked the Inspector to rule it an appropriate public amenity for the common, and the other was to “deregister” the small portion of the common where it stands. Ealing Cycling Campaign provided expert evidence at the public inquiry, and we reached out to supporters this past spring. Many of you wrote to the Planning Inspectorate, asking them to save the Cycle Hub. These supportive comments made up over 90% of the public response, and we thank each and every one of you who wrote in. Inspector Alan Beckett heard all available evidence and directed that the common land designation be removed from the area covered by the Cycle Hub, via an Order of Deregistration. His conclusion reads as follows:

The circumstances of this case are perhaps unique in that the land at issue is both at the centre of a built up area in west London and opposite a major commuter station which is likely to see an increase in passenger traffic with the introduction of Crossrail. The benefits which would accrue to the public and the neighbourhood in terms of an improvement in air quality and a shift towards sustainable means of transport lead me to conclude that this is an exceptional case of the type envisaged in the published policy, where consent for deregistration should be granted without the offer of replacement land being made. Therefore I conclude that the application should be granted and an Order of Deregistration should be given.

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