Tuesday 7 November 2023

Ealing's Most Dangerous Junctions Revealed

A new map reveals that the most dangerous junction for cyclists in Ealing is on the Uxbridge Road near Ealing Common. The new map, developed by London Cycling Campaign, shows that five cyclists have been seriously injured and nine slightly injured in the last five years at the Uxbridge Road junction with Wolverton Gardens and Leopold Road. The most common cause of injuries is drivers turning right, into the path of cyclists.

Despite Ealing councillors voting unanimously in 2017 to improve safety on the Uxbridge Road, little has changed. Six of the ten most dangerous junctions in the borough for cyclists lie on the route.  

Shockingly, the map shows that Uxbridge Road also has the worst junction in the whole of London for pedestrian safety. Two pedestrians have been killed in the last five years near the junction of Southall High Street and Avenue Road.

Southall High Street junction with Avenue Road

Ealing Cycling campaign calls on Ealing Council to carry out an urgent safety audit of these two stretches of the Uxbridge Road and take measures to make them safer. These junctions are important not only as part of the A4020 Uxbridge Road which is used by many east-west cyclists, but also as crossing points over the A4020 used by north-south cyclists who are trying to use quieter roads.  Both junctions are included in the proposed future Ealing Cycling Network which ECC are urging the council to improve.

For the first time, LCC's mapping covers all of London, and can be filtered to find the most dangerous junctions for pedestrians as well as those cycling – and by borough. The map uses the latest, recently released 'Stats19' emergency services response data for 2018-2022.

The LCC Dangerous Junctions map is now available at: https://lcc.org.uk/campaigns/dangerous-junctions/