Family Cycling

Family Cycling image

Here are some cycle activities for all the family:

1. I Spy Challenge 

Explore your neighbourhood. Download our I-Spy Challenge and see what you can spot around Ealing.

2. Visit a Local Attraction.  

There are lots of interesting sites on our doorstep. You can see some on our routes for daily exercise, or plan your own excursion. Try our CycleStreets Journey Planner – it gives you options for quieter routes, and you can download them to your phone or GPS device.

3. Check out the School Run

If changing school, or if you’ve never cycled to school before, then try the route to find out how long it takes.

4. Pedal to Create Art

John Davies drew this giant 'spider' by cycling around Northfields and plotting his route on the Strava App. What can you draw using Ealing's roads? We'd love to see your results on our Facebook page. Great apps for plotting a route before you set out are Ride with GPS and Map My Ride.


Cycling with your children

This great little film from Cycling UK gives tips on how to ride safely with your children. Their website has more advice for family cycling.

Teach your child to ride a bike

Between the ages of four to six is the best time to learn. This helpful video from Cycling Weekly has great tips.

Learn essential bike-handling skills

Ealing council offers free family and adult cycle training.  The entry stage, Bikeability level 1 is the first level of the nationally recognised training scheme. These short videos from Cycling Scotland cover essential bike-handling skills. Transport for London offers free online cycle skills training

Learn to cycle on the road

Bikeability Level 2 from Cycling Scotland covers most of the skills you need to cycle on the road.