Ealing Cycle Buddies


Are you a new or returning cyclist feeling nervous about riding on London’s roads?  Would you like to ride a bit further or make a journey to work or elsewhere that you have not been able to before?

Or are you a confident cyclist who would like to help another rider experience the joy and freedom of getting about by bike?

Ealing Cycle Buddies puts new riders in touch with experienced riders in their local area.  Buddies can then meet up and ride together – to work, to the shops or just to the park for a bit of practice! If you're interested, you can discover more and sign up here.

Tell Me More

If you are looking for cycle training then we’d recommend you contact Ealing council to find out about the free cycle training they provide.

If you want to build up your experience, then Cycle Buddies may be right for you.  Perhaps you are uncertain about riding in traffic or finding a quiet route for your cycle commute, or maybe you want to take up cycling instead of going to the gym.

An experienced cyclist can ride with you as you get used to your local streets, help you plan a longer journey finding the right route for you, and just give you moral support.

How do I get involved?

Whether you want help cycling, or to help other people start cycling, you can sign up to be an Ealing Cycle Buddy here - it's free. We will match you with a rider in your local area and give you advice on how to meet up and ride together.  If you are a new or returning rider we aim to match you up with a buddy within a week.  If you are an experienced rider, we will keep your details until we can match you with a new cyclist in your area.