A campaign can be anything from something large that London Cycling Campaign organises, and needs help with, to suggesting road improvements near your home to make them cycle friendly!  Campaigning is therefore a way we can influence what happens in our borough. 

Sign For Cycling

In the run up to the Mayoral election, London Cycling Campaign organised a massive petition requesting the mayoral candidates to commit to delivering safer cycling through three key measures:
  • 1. Create more safe space for cycling on main roads and at junctions
  • 2. Create ‘Mini-Hollands‘ - cycle friendly town centres - in every borough 
  • 3. End lorry danger with smarter, safer lorries 
All the main candidates signed up to deliver these proposals if elected.

Space For Cycling

The  Space for Cycling campaign was instigated by London Cycling Campaign but every borough was involved. In Ealing, we persuaded the council to sign up to deliver improvements in every ward.

Mini Holland Bid
We worked with the Council on a proposal for funds to make a big impact in Ealing.  For this we studied plans, provided feedback and made presentations - which all went down well.   While the Mini Holland Bid wasn’t the winner the Council will be getting quite a lot of funds to make a much of what was envisaged  possible -  initially in central Ealing then borough wide.

Parking in Front Gardens
Hundreds Ealing residents keep bicycles in small sheds in their front gardens. You may be surprised to know that, technically, these sheds need planning permission, and you could be asked to take yours down.  We are campaigning to change the planning laws so that residents can install bike sheds without planning permission. 
See our report here.

Step Free Platform Access At Stations 

Many cyclists would love to pop out to the country at a weekend but are discouraged by all the steps at some stations. From 2007 we campaigned to get lifts installed at Ealing Broadway station. They were finally installed as part of the new station in 2021.

Road Improvements
We liaise with the Council and TfL to ensure that planned road changes take into account cyclists needs.  Sometimes we will cycle to road junction to have a meeting with other organisations, with an interest, to discuss possible improvements.

The best way to find out more is to come to our monthly meetings, 1st Wed of the month at the Questors Theatre.