Wednesday 15 April 2020

Cycle Routes for Daily Exercise

We've created some short circular rides suitable for exercise during the Coronavirus lockdown. They avoid narrow paths and town centres to enable you to keep 2m away from other people. They run mainly on quiet back streets, with the occasional stretch of wider cycle path.

Click on the maps below to see the routes. From there you can download the route to your phone or GPS device. For phone use, you will need either the basic Ride with GPS App, which costs about £5 per month, or the OsmAnd map app which is free (instructions at the bottom of the page). You don't have to navigate to the start of the route - you can pick it up from any point. If you have any questions or suggestions please send us a message.
(You can also download the files directly from the .tcx and .gpx links below.)

Short Rides

S1 Northfields and Syon Park - 9 miles (1 to 1.5  hours) 
From Boston Manor Station this route runs through Northfields and South Ealing, down to Brentford, Syon Park and Isleworth. It returns via the cycle paths alongside the Great West Road and Boston Manor Road.
.tcx file  .gpx file

S2 Ealing and Acton - 9 miles (1 to 1.5 hours)
This circular route runs from Haven Green in the centre of Ealing to the new Cycleway 34, alongside the A40.  It then heads south to Bedford Park where you can admire the architecture of the first garden suburb. From here it heads north west to Ealing Common then loops around Walpole Park and back to Haven Green.
.tcx file   .gpx file

S3 Southall and Greenford - 8 miles (1 to 1.5  hours) 
From Park Avenue in Southall, this route heads north to Greenford then west to the green open spaces around Yeading Brook before returning to Southall.
.tcx file   .gpx file

S4 North Ealing - 8 miles (1 to 1.5 hours)
From Haven Green, this ride takes you to the historic Brentham Garden Suburb, then west to Hanwell where you can see the only thatched house in Ealing. From here the ride heads back to Haven Green.
.tcx file   .gpx file

S5 Greenford, Northolt and Perivale - 8.5 miles (1 to 1.5 hours)
This ride loops from Greenford, through Northala Fields to Northolt and then over Horsenden Hill to Perivale before returning to Greenford.
.tcx file  .gpx file

Mid-length Ride

M1 Hanwell and Northala Circular - 15 miles (1.5 to 2 hours)
A hilly ride in the north of the borough. From Hanwell Community Centre this route heads through Greenford, across the canal at Spike's Bridge, then west to Yeading Brook Meadows. From here it loops north to Northala Fields before returning via Horsenden Hill. There are a few very short stretches of narrow path where you may need to give way.
.tcx file   .gpx file

Instructions for using OsmAnd Maps on your phone.

1. Download and install the OsmAnd app on your phone. [OsmAnd for Android   OsmAnd for iPhone].

2. Download the .gpx file for the route.
On your phone: Either a) Click on the .gpx file link on this page. This will download a zipped file of the route.
Or b) Go to the Ride with GPS page for the route. Click on "More", then from the drop down menu click "Export as File". Click the "GPX Track (.gpx)" option, then click "Download .gpx File".

3. Open the .gpx file in OsmAnd app.
On iPhones. Open the "Files" folder, then click on the downloaded file. If you chose option a) above, select "Preview Content", then click on the share icon in top right corner. Click "Copy to OsmAnd Maps" (you may have to click "More" first.
If you chose option b) you won't need to preview content.

GPS uses a lot of battery power, so try to make sure your phone is fully charged before you set out.