Thursday 28 October 2021

Ambulances - Quicker with LTN


A freedom of information request has revealed that ambulance response times were quicker while LTN21 was in place in West Ealing. Ambulances responding to category 1 calls, the most urgent, arrived on average 24% faster than during the period before and after the low traffic neighbourhood was in place. Category 2 and 3 calls were also quicker to arrive, while category 4, the least urgent, were slower than before the LTN was installed, but faster than in the period since its removal. Ambulance response times are affected by many factors, but this data appears consistent with research that shows LTNs don't adversely affect emergency vehicle response times.1  The FoI requested information for Northfields and Hanwell. 

A table of Ambulance Times. Category 1  = 4 minutes 27 seconds while LTN21 was in place.