Friday 28 May 2021

New Ealing Broadway Station has Lifts

The new Ealing Broadway Station opened on Thursday 27 May and for the first time provides lift access to the main platforms. The lifts are 180cm long, and 150cm wide, so large enough to carry most standard bicycles.  

Ealing Cycling Campaign has been calling for better platform access since 2007. In 2010 we organised a protest outside the station, which made the front page of the Ealing Gazette. 

In 2013 when the plans for the new station were put forward, we recommended larger lifts, so they could accommodate all-ability cycles (as recommended in London Cycling Design Standards since 2014). While that proposal was rejected for Ealing Broadway, our recent campaign for large lifts at the new HS2 station being built at Old Oak Common was successful.

Two of the new lifts currently serve platform 4, while one serves platforms 2 & 3. The lift to platform 1 - which is rarely used - is not yet open.