Tuesday 25 May 2021

Ealing Broadway Cycle Parking

Ealing Broadway shopping centre has converted a shop into a cycle park. Rupa Huq MP, assisted by centre director Andrew Rollings opened the Ride & Park on 21 May. The facility has double-rack parking that holds 48 bikes, and a work stand, pump and tools so you can fix a puncture. The location, inside the centre, along with CCTV should make it more secure than the racks outside. But, as always, make sure you lock the frame of your bike to something immovable. 

Cycling is quicker than any form of public transport for most journeys in the borough. TfL data shows that cycling to Ealing Broadway takes roughly half the time as travelling by bus. 

Click on the interactive map below for recommended cycle routes to the new parking.

Back in 2002, the then owners of Ealing Broadway shopping centre removed the popular cycle racks at the north-east entrance to the centre, and moved the cycle parking to behind the centre. See ECC news 2002 It's good to see the new owners prioritise cycle parking again.