Monday 5 April 2021

Ealing's Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Map of Ealing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

If you're looking for quieter and safer places to cycle, Ealing has over 50 low-traffic neighbourhoods – areas without through motor traffic. Many are natural low-traffic neighbourhoods, designed, like most modern housing estates, without through routes. Since the 1950s transport engineers have created others by closing roads to motor vehicles, but leaving them open to pedestrians and cyclists.

The map shows the dates the borough closed roads or installed the modal filters to create the low-traffic neighbourhoods. 

Low traffic Neighbourhoods by size:

These are the largest low-traffic neighbourhoods in Ealing, as measured by the area enclosed by the boundary roads, and the length of the boundary roads.

LOCATION                        SIZE             CIRCUMFERENCE
1. Kingshill                                 6.17 km2             12.51 km
2. Yeading                                 2.3 km2             7.83 km
3. Old Hanwell and Elthorne*        2.19 km2             7.7 km
4. Northolt                                 2.28 km2             6.98 km
5. Brent Valley Park                 2.26 km2             6.24 km
6. Northfields                                 1.75 km2             6.18 km
7. Horsenden Hill West                 1.97 km2             5.98 km
8. Horsenden Hill East                 1.56 km2             5.53 km

* Area north of M4. Circumference of local boundary roads is greater

Download a large version of the low-traffic neighbourhood map