Monday 14 December 2020

Uxbridge Road Cycle Lanes

Ealing council has published draft plans to significantly improve the cycle lanes along the Uxbridge Road between Southall and Hanwell. The proposals include 2m wide semi-segregated lanes - separated from moving traffic by wands, and bus-stop bypasses, so that cyclists can pass buses parked at bus stops. The most significant improvements will be at Iron Bridge, where cyclists will have their own lane, instead of having to share the pavement with pedestrians. In another scheme, the speed limit on the road will be reduced to 20 mph. This will be the default speed limit on all borough roads from 8th March 2021. 

Currently, this section of the Uxbridge Road is one of the most unpleasant places in Ealing to ride a bike. The improvements will make a significant difference and open  up the borough to active travel between Southall and Hanwell.