Tuesday 29 December 2020

New Active Travel schemes

 Three New Cycle Schemes

Ealing Council has won funding for three new cycle schemes: Boston Road, West Ealing; Gordon Road, Central Ealing; and Park Royal. The Boston Road scheme will extend the existing cycle route along Boston Manor Road north towards the Uxbridge Road. It is unclear if the funding will be sufficient to put in more than wands, and if it will also tackle the pinch points along the route. The Gordon Road scheme is part of the Ealing Broadway to Greenford Quietway which has been in development since at least 2017. And the Park Royal scheme will centre on improvements in the area of the so called 'Big X junction outside Central Middlesex Hospital. This area, where Acton Lane, Coronation Road and Park Royal Road all meet was the subject of Liveable Neighbourhood bids in 2017and 2019. The present scheme will be implemented in conjunction with Brent Council and the Old Oak Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) will take the lead. 

Three Low-Traffic Neighbourhood Schemes

The council has also won funding for three small low-traffic neighbourhood schemes. One on Hamilton Road, which is used by motorists to bypass queues at Ealing Common, one north of Creffield Road and one South of Creffield Road, just to the west of Twyford Avenue. 

These schemes will be funded by the second round of emergency Covid-19 Active Travel funding provided by central government, and distributed by Transport for London. To qualify, local councils had to show that their first-round schemes were making a significant impact to discourage people from driving and to encourage walking and cycling. Unlike the first-round schemes which had to be installed quickly to qualify for funding, councils will be given more time to carry out consultations with the public before they are installed.