Monday 21 September 2020

Increased Cycling in Low Traffic Neighbourhood

A spot one-day count in the recently installed Northfields Low Traffic Neighbourhood shows cycling has almost doubled compared to a pre-Covid count taken in 2018. The count, carried out on Salisbury Road three weeks after the scheme was introduced, also showed that the number of motor vehicles on the road dropped to a third of previous levels. This is only a spot count, but it suggests the LTN is working.

An additional benefit of the scheme appears to be a reduction in the number of people cycling on the pavement. In 2018, we recorded six people (including children) cycling on the pavement. In 2020, this figure had dropped to three.

Ealing Cycling Campaign carried out the 2018 count in response to a traffic order that planned to make Salisbury Road one-way. We were concerned that this would greatly increase the number of vehicles pulling out of Salisbury Road into Northfield Avenue at a location where a van driver performing this manoeuvre had killed a cyclist two years earlier.