Monday 3 August 2020

Emergency Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Ealing Council has started installing the first batch of Covid-19 emergency Low-Traffic Neighbourhoods. All ten schemes should be in place by mid September.  The photo above shows the connector (modal filter) on the first scheme to be installed in Adrienne Avenue, Southall. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, space on public transport is severely limited, so many more people will be travelling around the borough on foot or by bike. The aim of these schemes is to make this active travel safer. 

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods benefit all residents by reducing pollution and creating safer streets for children to walk and cycle on. All roads will still be accessible by car, emergency services and delivery vehicles, but on the best schemes, all through traffic is removed. Some journeys by car will be longer, and some motorists are objecting to these schemes, so please let your councillors know you support them. You can contact your councillors here

The ten schemes are:

Acton Central - Due to be installed September 2020

This scheme covers the area north of Churchfield Road.

Adrienne Avenue, Southall - Installed 22 July

A single connector (modal filter) in Adrienne Avenue has removed through traffic from this and surrounding streets. Although a small scheme, it will make it safer for pupils of Greenford High School to access the nearby footbridge across the canal, and the street will be much quieter for residents including those living in the care home.

Bowes Road, North Acton - Installed 23 July

Another scheme with just a single connector, this time on Glendun Road at its junction with East Acton Lane. The benefit of this scheme is less clear, as this doesn't appear to be a rat run to any major roads, but the council has published a map showing the boundary of this scheme as the area around Bowes Road.

East Acton Golf Links - due to be installed in September

We have no information on this scheme yet.

Junction Road, South Ealing - Due to be installed mid August

This scheme should remove rat-running traffic coming off the A4 and cutting through to South Ealing road or Northfields Avenue. It will create a traffic-calmed route for walking and cycling that will link up with Occupation Lane which Hounslow Councils has now closed to motor traffic.

Loveday Road, Walpole - Due to be installed late Aug / early September

Following feedback from the public, the council have improved the plans for this scheme. It now removes through motor traffic from all residential streets between Walpole Park and Northfields Avenue. 

Mattock Lane - Due to be installed mid August

This scheme will remove through traffic from the east side of Mattock Lane. The connector will be installed just west of Pitshanger Lodge - so between the Filmworks site and Barnes Pikle. The no-entry sign at the junction with Culmington Road will become a no-through road sign. 

Olive Road, South Ealing - Due to be installed early August

This will reduce motor traffic on the Olive Road section of the cycle route from St Mary's Church south to Clayponds Avenue. At the moment, motor vehicles heading west on Pope's Lane cut through the residential streets onto South Ealing Road, or across it into Temple Road.

West Ealing North - Due to be installed mid August

This Low-Traffic Neighbourhood won't remove all the through motor traffic. Cars will still be able to head west along Alexandria Road, Felix Road and Eccleston Road. The scheme will reduce traffic and pollution around St. John's Primary school.

West Ealing South - Due to be installed mid August

This is the largest of the schemes in Ealing, and will create a pleasant street park between Boston Road and Northfield Avenue. Before lockdown, some streets had over 1,000 vehicles per day cutting through here. Once the scheme is implemented it's likely that no street will have more than 200 vehicles a day.