Wednesday 31 July 2019

Save Cycle Parking at Ealing Broadway!

Ealing Council is consulting on a new scheme for the area outside Ealing Broadway station. Please support our campaign to save the cycle parking (in a new area) and install a long-promised cycle lane.

Cycle Parking
As part of the scheme, Ealing Council plans to remove 59 cycle stands on and near Haven Green and replace them with 29 stands along the Broadway. This will remove parking for 60 bicycles. As Haven Green is common land, the cycle stands on the grass are only temporary. At some point they will need to be removed. Ealing Cycling Campaign has repeatedly urged the council to earmark a site near Ealing Broadway station for permanent cycle parking.  A good location would be the car park along the south side of Haven Green. Unfortunately the council has still not been successful in acquiring the required land, and has not yet decided to instigate compulsory acquisition procedures, or otherwise escalate the process. 

At times of peak demand, the cycle stands near Ealing Broadway fill up, and people lock bicycles to trees and other objects. With the arrival of the Elizabeth Line and the new cycleway to Greenford, the demand for cycle parking at the station will grow. Please respond to the consultation (question 4) to say that the council should not reduce the present amount of cycle parking and that the council needs to acquire a site near the station to provide increased cycle parking in the future. 

Where’s the Cycle Lane?
The new plans don’t include the contraflow cycle lane (below) the council promised six years ago.
For over 20 years Ealing Cycling Campaign has lobbied the council to build a contraflow cycle path to run along the east side of Haven Green (but not on the common) to link the Mall with the roundabout at Madeley Road. This will provide a direct route to and from Ealing Broadway station so people don’t have to cycle around the Arcadia Centre and Haven Green. In 2013, the council included the cycle path in its mini Holland plans. 
However, it has disappeared from the latest proposals. This goes against the council’s transport policy for its cycle network, which states: “Where one-way streets are implemented, the default position will be that contra-flow cycle lanes will be provided.” Please respond to the consultation (question 2) and say that any plans should include a contraflow cycle path from the Mall to Madeley Road. 
Please respond to the consultation here before 27 August 2019.