Wednesday 18 March 2015

McDonald's Rejected

Very good news. Ealing Council's planning committee voted tonight to reject the McDonald's Drive-Through restaurant. The refusal to grant planning permission was carried by 3 votes to 2. Eight committee members abstained.
Ealing Cycling Campaign opposed the application because the access road would have cut across the planned East-West Cycle Super Highway, posing a danger to cyclists. This decision is unusual in that eight weeks ago, the planning committee voted to approve the restaurant. However, it turns out that no planning consent exists until a consent form has been signed.  This gave council officers the opportunity to reconsidered the safety issue, and when they realised that TfL had given the Cycle Super Highway the go-ahead, they changed their recommendation.
A big thank you to Andrew Gilligan, the Mayor's Cycling Commissioner, who intervened at a crucial stage, to all of you who lobbied your councillors, and finally to Jonathan Notley and West Acton Residents' Association who turned out in force on the night to give their support.