Monday 16 March 2015

Did McDonald's Application Mislead Council?

Here's a curious thing. As part of the planning application to build the drive-through on the A40 McDonald's consultants, ADL submitted a traffic assessment to Ealing Council. The assessment should show how the scheme meets the requirements of the London Plan. Only in this case... there's something missing. Conspicuous by its absence is the line "Developments should: c) facilitate the Cycle Super Highways shown on Map 6.2." (The East-West Cycle Super Highway is on the map.)

Although the Traffic Assessment refers to improving the cycle track alongside the A40, it makes no reference to the planned Cycle Super Highway. Did TfL fail to tell McDonald's it was planning a Cycle Super Highway alongside the A40? It's scarcely believable that McDonald's planners didn't know about it. After all, it was in the Evening Standard. So why the glaring omission?
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