Thursday 21 April 2022

Uxbridge Road Cycle Lanes

A section of the new cycle lane on the Uxbridge Road in Southall
Work has started on a section of the Southall to Hanwell cycle route along the Uxbridge Road. Workers are installing two-metre-wide cycle lanes in both directions on the the section between Southall and Greenford Road. The route will be segregated from motor vehicles with wands, and will include bus-stop bypasses, enabling cyclists to safely pass buses parked at bus stops, instead of having to cycle out into moving traffic. 

The section being installed doesn't include the road through Iron Bridge, which is one of the most intimidating and unpleasant places in Ealing to ride a bike. Because of this, the cycle lanes are unlikely to attract many new cyclists, which is likely to lead to criticism that they aren't being used. ECC has urged the council to complete the whole route as soon as possible.