Monday 10 September 2018

Mobike Shrinks Area in Ealing

Mobike has shrunk its operating area in Ealing and Hounslow to a small zone centred around Acton and Chiswick. Anyone renting a Mobike and leaving it outside this zone will be fined £20. The new zone came into operation on 4 September, at the same time that Mobike announced it was pulling out of Manchester because thieves were stealing their bicycles. Explaining the new policy Mobike said it was "to ensure Mobikers can easily find a bike when they need one. We are committed to extending this area progressively as we deploy more bikes." The new area is about half the size of the previous zone, and will mean many Ealing residents can no longer use the bikes to get to and from their homes. To obtain a refund on your Mobike pass, email with the phone number associated with your Mobike account, and ask for a refund.
At the Ealing Cycling Campaign meeting in August, council leader Julian Bell said the council was considering allowing another rental bike operator to operate in the borough to encourage competition.