Saturday 10 September 2016

Amsterdam Sponsored Ride

On Tuesday 13 September 2016, Ealing Cycling Campaign members Nick Moffit and Jon Chambers will set off for Amsterdam to raise money for London Cycling Campaign. Another ECC member, Geraldine O'Grady is joining the ride in Dunkirk. They are dedicating the ride to the memory of David Eales.
It won’t be an easy trip. They will be cycling on heavy Dutch bikes, and the ride, which runs through Kent and then up the North Sea coast through France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, is 325 miles long. “We won’t be setting any speed records for this journey”, said Nick, “the Kentish hills will be no picnic! Neither the Azor nor the Gazelle were built for steep grades. We’ll no doubt be dreaming of the flat Dutch cycle tracks to come.”
The riders are paying their own costs, so any sponsorship money goes direct to the LCC charity.
Nick is riding to help make London a city where both his daughter and his mother can cycle without fear. You can sponsor him on
Jon is riding because cycling improves the entire transport system for motorists, public transport riders, pedestrians and cyclists alike. You can sponsor him at:
Geraldine heard about the ride at David's wake. "It seemed a fitting tribute to David", she said, and somehow I agreed to join." She will also be riding a heavy Dutch bicycle. You can sponsor her at Geraldine's Just Giving page.
Brian Smith of Hounslow Cycling Campaign has decided to accompany them to help raise money for LCC. Two other riders, James Gower and Gareth Redmond-King, will make up the group of six.