Sunday 10 April 2016

Help us collect signatures for the London Cycling Campaign!

ECC will be visiting cycle parking areas by Ealing tube stations to collect signatures on the Sign for Cycling petition, and we need volunteers. If you can help out, please add yourself to our poll to tell us which days and locations you're available:

The election for Mayor of London is 5 May 2016, and we're asking everyone to sign the London Cycling Campaign's petition.  The petition asks all candidates to commit to tripling the length of safe protected cycleways in London, building a new "Mini-Holland" safe cycling environment in each borough (including Ealing!), and reducing the threat to cyclists and pedestrians by lorries in the capital.  If you haven't signed already, please do so now!

Through the middle of April, Ealing Cycling Campaign will appear at the cycle parking outside Northfields, Turnham Green, and Ealing Broadway stations to collect signatures in person.  We'll be wearing red LCC tabards, handing out leaflets, and asking people to sign our petition sheets or enter their signature into the LCC Petition App.

The cycle parking outside these stations is a brief moment of pause on many people's packed train commute, and a friendly chat can help people step up and make their voices heard.  So volunteer today: tell us which day and site works best for you!  We'll announce the resulting arrangements on our e-mail list; and if you e-mail to let us know you've voted, we can contact you directly to confirm the time and location.