Wednesday 20 January 2016

Minutes of meeting: Ealing Cycling Campaign 06 January 2016

We had our first meeting of the year on 6th January. The main items (apart from social catching up) were:-
There's to be a review of London's cycle network. 
Ideas about Ealing's "Mini Holland" 
No news about Haven Green 

For a more gruesome level of detail click below. 

  1. Thanks to Ben Owen for organising the Christmas dinner again. 
  2. A Community Support Officer has offered to visit us and mark bikes. MG has responded with a holding message. Would it be better to take advantage of this kind offer at an event? MG to ask police if they could attend our April or May meeting to mark bicycles for an hour before the meeting starts. (Post meeting - I’ve sent an email, but haven’t heard back yet.)
  3. Tavistock Place. There is a campaign (Camden LCC involved) to support modification of the cycle paths from two-way (narrow) to two separate one-way paths. There is a website including the travel mode and fraction of the road space allocated to it, which is instructive, and could be of interest to us for any "Mini Holland" works in Ealing. 
  4. ECC website. Posting items is now easier, so we should do. Meeting 20-Jan-2016 chez MG for those interested. 
  5. Social ride "Take to the hills" a success. More leaders are needed. What can we do to encourage people to give it a try? The suggestion of mentoring seemed well received. EC to talk to Paul James. DJL is willing to repeat his lesson and accompany ride leaders. 
  6. Bike Hub news. Maintenance classes are to restart. Teaching ex-service personnel is to continue. 
  7. Ealing council has received £3 million recently, but no-one is sure what for. The link to the A40 cycle superhighway perhaps? 
  8. Hounslow borough has a "Great West Corridor Plan" out for consultation at present.
  9. TfL review of London's cycle network is due in 2016. What is meant by the network? The definition is important, and the risk is of losing sight of its importance. (Think back to the LCN, then LCN+, then errr, what?) Let's review the Ealing network as presented in the Mini Holland bid. Volunteers to review the network were Martin G, Peter M, Nick Moffitt, David E, David L, Barbara K.  Meeting chez Peter M. 
  10. Mayoral election: what to do? Is LCC doing anything centrally? Not that we know of yet. All were reminded of Andrew Gilligan's remarks about the potential for cycle provision to come to an end. 
  11. Haven Green. No meeting has yet taken place between ECC and FoHG. 
  12. A40 subway barriers. The cycle safari last December by Martin G and Nick M looked at (and photographed) some of the underpasses to the east of Hanger Lane. We need to finish the job before the next meeting with Ealing Council so we can hand over a complete report. David L to visit west of Hanger Lane. 
  13. South Acton estate: A redevelopment is to take place on a large scale. An LBE officer has offered to visit our next meeting, and this is thought a good idea. 
  14. Roadworks are happening in St Leonards Road and Longfield Avenue – are traffic restrictions intended?   MG and PM to investigate.  (Post meeting note – a speed table is being installed in St Leonards Road which is requiring a temporary closure.  At the Longfield Avenue junction by Perceval House a banned left turn out and right turn in are being considered by the council – something that will be discussed at the next Ealing Broadway ward forum.) 


Elly Castellano (chair)
Nick Moffitt
Ben Owen
Barbara Karayi
David Eales
David Lomas (minutes) 
Peter Mynors
Mike Franks
Richard Miller
Paul Killeen
Helen Hayes
Alan Niel


Tom Hartwell