Thursday 16 July 2015

West Acton Primary win Big Pedal

Congratulations to West Acton Primary School on winning the Sustrans Big Pedal 2015 competition in Ealing. 
Big Pedal challenges schools across the country to make the most journeys by bike or scooter during a set period. The school that makes the biggest shift, in proportion to its size, wins. The aim of the competition is to encourage more children and parents to leave their cars at home; reducing congestion and car emissions. 
In total, 10 Ealing schools took part in the competition. West Acton Primary School came top after achieving 1,680 journeys by bike or scooter over 10 days in March. The competition, along with a travel plan put together by the council and the school, has produced some permanent changes. Now 16% of children cycle to school (previously 7%) and 43% are never driven to school (previously 15%). The council want to encourage more schools to take part next year. If you would like your school to get involved, there is more information on the Sustrans Big Pedal page.
On 7 July 2015, the children at West Acton Primary received their prize - a stunt display at the school from the MAD cycle display team.