Thursday 19 February 2015

Lorry Safety

After a successful trial, Ealing will become the first council in the country to fit the Cycle Safety Shield warning system to its entire fleet of large goods vehicles. The system recognises pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists and warns the driver if a collision is about to occur. In particular, it should help prevent injuries from lorries turning left. In the trial 15 potentially serious collisions were avoided. The system can also save money. By monitoring the way the vehicle is driven it provides feedback that encourages the driver to accelerate and brake in a way that reduces fuel consumption. The trial showed it could save £1,000 per vehicle per year. The system will be fitted to 39 Murrill construction vehicles and 63 Amey refuse and recycling lorries.  ECC is very pleased to see the council leading the way on this. If other councils and contractors follow it could dramatically reduce cycle casualties.