About Our Rides

We offer all sorts of rides to suit all ages and abilities. Participants come from all walks of life with women riders particularly well represented.

Our Gentle Rides 
Are run during summer and are perfect for beginners and accompanied children on their own bike, on child seats or in trailers. They consist of a short ride at a very gentle pace to a local park or beauty spot for a picnic.

Our Leisurely Rides 
run on the first Sunday of each month all year and more often during the summer months. These are particularly well suited to those looking for a full day out on the bike to take in the scenery and chat to other riders at a relaxed pace.

Gentle and Leisurely rides go at the speed of the slowest riders in the group; nobody is left behind! They stop for brunch or lunch at a location where food can be purchased, or riders can bring a packed lunch or picnic with them.

Whilst these rides can be ridden on all types of bike those on road bikes with narrow tyres may find some of the off-road paths taken a little bumpy.

Our Speedy Rides 
are ad-hoc, longer distance road rides (50+ miles) catering for the more experienced riders on fast hybrids or road bikes looking for a challenge.

We occasionally run Not So Speedy Rides, at the same sort of distance as our Speedy rides but at a more forgiving pace, ideal for those who enjoy our Leisurely rides but fancy going that little bit further afield.

Our rides do not require registration and are free, just turn up and go!

Though we aim to take a common sense approach to safety on our rides, all those attending do so at their own risk. Always remember to wear suitable clothing and bring your lights and a pump. A spare inner tube is always a good idea.

We often add new rides to our calendar, to ensure you don't miss out, sign up to our email newsletter.